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BOM ESTADO. FORMATO: 11 X 17,5 CM. CAPA UM POUCO DESGASTADA E AMARELADA. ALGUMAS POUCAS ANOTAÇÕES A CANETA NOS TEXTOS.  EDITORA CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS. 1982. ISBN 0-521-22448-9. 149 PÁGINAS (AMARELADAS).  TEXTO EM INGLÊS. How does a young girl react when she is caught between the rich, sheltered wolrd of her family, and the ugly reality of poverty and death in the wolrd outside? What happens when a family is broken up because the children feel they must leave home to find a better life abroad? How does a boycope with his fathers overwhelming ambition for him? These are some of the questions dealt with in the eight stories in this collection. The stories, by important modern authors, have been specially edited for upper-itermediate and more advanced students of English. Vocabulary explanations and notes are provided in order to help comprehension.

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