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BOM ESTADO. CAPA UM POUCO DESGASTADA. ASSINATURAS NAS 2 PRIMEIRAS PÁGINAS. EDITORA ELSEVIER DIGITAL PRESS. 2005. ISBN 1-55558-327-X. 231 PÁGINAS. ESCRITO EM INGLÊS. The physical security of IT, network, and telecommunications assets is equally as important as cyber security. We justifiably fear the hacker, the virus writer and the cyber terrorist. But the disgruntled employee, the thief, the vandal, the corporate foe, and yes, the terrorist can easily cripple an organization by doing physical damage to IT assets. In many cases such damage can be far more difficult to recover from than a hack attack or malicious code incident. It does little good to have great computer security if wiring closets are easily accessible or individuals can readily walk into an office and sit down at a computer and gain access to systems and applications. This book shows organizations how to design and implement physical security plans. It provides practical, easy-to-understand and readily usable advice to help organizations to improve physical security for IT, network, and telecommunications assets. ''

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